my names are nicole or aisling, but you can also call me nico if you'd like
interests: riddles and games, tiaras, bones, kissing plants, swimming in streams, running through forests at night on soft feet
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empire state in the clouds 


empire state in the clouds


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My dad remembered how much I love Ginger Snaps so he called me downstairs when it came on and now we’re watching it together

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teenage girl werewolves ALWAYS make me happy


sometimes i get really worried that people who were cruel to me are reading my blog all the time waiting for me to blog about feeling bad or being in trouble so they can feel triumphant about it. well the jokes on you. i am veyr beautiful, popular, successful, and thrilling. you will never win 

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I just got back from running in the park and my socks have almost given me a blister on the back of my ankle that I didn’t even notice until now? What the fuck

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that's never happened before

we picked a honeydew from the garden last night and stuck it in the fridge and earlier I just sat there and ate some of it straight out of the melon with a spoon ^ v ^ it was sooooo good, nature is amazing

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food //
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raiment ~ ~



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uuuuugh I love these SO much tagged for me ~ ~ about ~ ~

I don’t know what it is but my yoga flow has been soooooo good lately and I’ve just been so in tune with my body and my breath and I feel really great about it

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judtt submitted:





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I was doing this about ten minutes ago lol

yoga tiiiiiiime

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good morning


good morning

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I am so ready for monday and getting the hell out of here


I’ve finished the first playable build of my terrarium builder! It’s in a pretty early stage right now but the basic features are all in there. Some jars don’t display correctly and I’ve only got a few plants made but you should be able to make a simple terrarium!

Try it here! You’ll need the unity webplayer plugin installed. Controls and more info are found in game! Click the bar at the top to get started - lemme know what you think! :O

EDIT - First p big bug spotted! Clicking a button that displays “Plant not yet added!” can mess up the plant submenu, it gets confused when it can’t add anything. Refresh the page and try not to click those buttons!

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aaahh thank you m & ash !! I LOVE pixelatedcrown how did I not see this gonna go play with it now tagged for me ~ ~